Disclaimer/Privacy Policy



Basic Information, Terms and Conditions

1.On accepting to use the system, the user also undertakes expressly to indemnify and to exonerate the provider in any action including that of a claim which may arise:
 a). out of use of the present facility;
 b). in the event that the hardware and software in the system did not cause the completion of the submission made.
2.The facility provided is available on a 24-hour basis, through and subject to the Internet of the user.
3.In case no acknowledgement is received at the user end, the latter shall verify with the provider whether the application made was received at the provider’s end.
4.In the event that no application has been received, the user shall make use of the other methods (download form, filled manually) and send same by post or fax to the relevant body before the closing date.
5.In the course of its use, the User retains full and complete responsibility for the confidentiality of his/her Login Name and Password.
Online application needs no authentification/signature.

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