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Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection

On vacancies arising, the Responsible Officers of the respective Local Authorities report the vacancies to the Commission and recommend the manner in which they are to be filled. Below are the ways in which the vacancies can be filled :


by way of advertisement limited to :


Local Government Officers/employees serving in a Municipality/District Council;


Local Government Officers/employees in general;


persons residing within a Municipality/District Council/Village Council area;


the general public; and


by promotion (including promotion in a temporary capacity) within the Municipality/District Council/Village Council in which the vacancy exists;

In the exercise of its powers, the Commission will consider recommendations from Responsible Officers.

The latter are required to issue the advertisements and the applicants have got a time period, (normally fourteen (14) days), to submit their applications to the Local Government Service Commission.

It is the responsibility of the Local Government Service Commission to carry out the processing of the applications and the selection exercise which may eventually culminate into the appointment of one or more suitable candidates depending on the number of vacancies.

Thereafter, the names of the suitable candidates, depending on the number of vacancies, are submitted in strict confidentiality to the Responsible Officer of the Local Authority where the vacancy/vacancies has/have occurred. The Responsible Officer should normally issue the letter of offer of appointment within a period of one week. When the offer is accepted the Responsible Officer issues a LGSC Form 3, which is an authority for payment, and submit a copy of same to the Commission.