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Local Government Service Commission


Frequently Asked Questions

​​1. Question​​​:       Where can I obtain the Application Form (LGSC Form 7a) in hard copy?

     Answer:          LGSC Form 7a may be obtained:

                            a) at the office of the Local Government Service Commission(LGSC), Louis Pasteur                                 
                                 Street, Forest Side

                             b) from any Local Authority, i.e. any Municipal Council Office or District Council Office
2. Question:         How can I submit my application Form?

     Answer:           Application Forms can be: 

                              (i) submitted by post or 

                              ​​(ii) deposited in the LGSC Letter Box at the seat of the Local Government Service    

                                   Commission, 7, Louis Pasteur Street, Forest Side , or 

                              (iii) sent online on LGSC website for online applications.

3. Question:          How should I submit my application online?

     Answer:           Online applications can be submitted through the following websites:



4. Question:          Are there any online application facilities provided by the Commission?

    Answer:            Yes. Prospective candidates willing to submit their applications online may call from                                  
                               13 00 to 15 00 hours on weekdays at the Local Government Service Commission.​

5. Question:          Do I need to notify the LGSC of any change in address after I have submitted an

                               application? ​

    Answer:             Yes, in the event of a change in address, it is important for candidates to notify the


6. Question:            How will I be aware of the status of my application?

     Answer:             Applicants can consult the website of the LGSC for regular 

                                updates on ​the status on the stage reached in the processing of applications.

                               Candidates who are selected to sit for examinations of for an interview will be notified

                                of the date and time in writing.

7. Question:            What happens in case there is a cyclone on the day of the interview or exam?

    Answer:              Cyclone Warning Class I and II    The interview or exam for the LGSC will hold good.

                                Cyclone Warning III and IV           The interview or exam will be postponed to a later

                                                                                      date and time of which the applicant will be

                                                                                       informed in writing and by phone in due course.